On A Personal Note


I have been writing for years on the power of the personal story. Even on those days when you look in the mirror and feel utterly ordinary and not much interest to yourself, let alone the world, this is simply a lie. Every moment of each of our lives accrues a kind of alchemy of energy, where each piece of the puzzle of who we are paints a magnificent map of love, loss, hope, spirit, and courage: Whether we know it our not.

Each story is like birthing a child into the world, a child to be cherished and drawn into the lives of those around you. But, more importantly, your story has the power to change at least two people: One person who may have been waiting to hear your story so that they can learn something that will make their life better or simply not feel so alone. And the other person that will be changed forever …is you. Telling your story is quantum healing, is profound therapy, and is such a creative act of loving yourself that you will not be the same for the telling.

So let me encourage you to embrace the beauty and the lessons of your life and spread the wealth. Write your story. Write it for you and for the world. Leave a legacy.