Maya’s Fees

Writing Coach

Maya provides a FREE initial 30-minute phone consultation.

She usually suggests that a new client (especially those already working on a project or who have published before) hire her to critique their writing as a first step. This service costs $800 (there will be an extra charge for manuscripts over 65,000 words). Maya is payable half in advance and half on delivery of written feedback. She will read through the whole manuscript (or however many pages you have already written), and provides a detailed report about what she thinks works, what doesn’t, and what’s needed as well as suggestions for direction and character development when applicable. If you agree with her analysis and want to proceed, Maya can either function as a writing coach or as your content editor. Maya does not proofread or do traditional editing.

You can choose among five writing coach packages. Non-refundable monthly fees are due in advance at the beginning of every month. Most clients prefer the convenience of paying with a credit card and PayPal and in some cases you may want to authorize automatic billing each month. Also in specific cases a check is acceptable.

Please Contact Maya through this site and she will send you information, a fee schedule and make a free appointment to discuss your project.



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