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OMG, what a 24 hours I have had. There has been a flood of response to the post I put up yesterday for free writing coaching for ten people who want to win an Inn in Maine and live their dream.   After 33 emails I have the ten people I will work with before the May 7th deadline.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me and I wish I could coach all 33 of you, but alas, there are not enough hours in the day. The stories of why people want to take this leap in their lives have been astonishing:  Young daughters wanting to make their mother’s dream come true, Chocolatiers, Restauranteurs, a French baker, a son who wants to give it to his parents who have always dreamed of a bed a breakfast, a daughter honoring her artist father, a couple from Hawaii who want a sustainable community for creatives, a woman’s group wanting a women’s collective and countless others.

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So, this one tiny step I took in the wee hours of yesterday morning is now unfolding, as always, into an adventure and I am following the signs.  I am compiling the compelling stories of those who want to dream this opportunity into a reality and if you would like to send me a few paragraphs on why you would want to win this contest I will be reprinting them with your first name only on my websites and my blogs. Even if your are not one of the ten people I am working with I would love your stories and your permission to reprint as well as contact information.  Just the act of writing your dream in 200 words will put your intention firmly out into the Universe.   The inspiration you can share will inspire countless others. Please send them to

Then later this week I will post here on Mythotherapy  some writing guidelines for those of you who are taking the plunge to submit an essay to this contest.  It hopefully will help you write a better essay and I will also include some links to great ideas for writing a provocative essay. As for me, the primary ingredient is to write from your heart.

Looking forward to hearing from many more of you.

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