The Winds of Change


winds of change

I am always re-inventing myself, even against my will so many times. The adventure of life is so full of every possibility and for me, taking the risk of exploring everything I can in life, leads to all emotions: Love, heartbreak, fear, bliss, creativity and inspiration. This is the well from which all my writing emerges. Surrender to how the flow of life leads me is in fact my spiritual practice. And for these last few months I have been from Costa Rica to Alaska, jumping headlong into love, marriage, challenge, long days of 24 hours of Alaskan sun, learning more about commitment and devotion than I thought I already knew. And from this white water rapid life I have chosen I have found myself writing in the middle of the night as the sun blazes at 3am.

So, I am now back on Mythotherapy and re-inventing how I want to contribute to this site as a writer and a woman on the move in life and as a writing coach, unabashed lover of words, true believer in story and out here to help you put your life to words.

Please give me feedback as I creatively unfold this page on what speaks to you and what does not. There are tens of thousands of sites for writers, wanna-be writers,”afraid of words” writers and people who dream of writing for their lives out there and I would love this one to be one of your regular stops.

Blessings, Maya

woman climber


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